Tourism Videos

Increase sales with 360 videos, virtual tours and interactive virtual reality experiences for Tourism.

What better way to promote a holiday than taking your viewers there. One of the industries that is forecast to profit most from 360 videos is undoubtedly the Tourism industry. Think about walking into a Travel Agency, unsure of where to go on your next holiday, then being able to put on some virtual reality glasses and compare. Find yourself in the middle of Africa on a Safari or in Alaska, the Sunday markets in Lebanon or the French Riviera. Your audience will be blown away and the excitement is sure to inspire them to book that holiday.

Ready for a holiday?

How It Works

Our 360 cameras capture surround video and can visually teleport your viewer to wherever you want them to go. Tourism Australia has made the start in 2016 with their campaign and has reported an incredible profit of tourists and visitors to the areas. Share your 360 video on Facebook, YouTube, websites, in person, at trade shows, in store or in conference meetings.

Why It Works

Whether your viewer is interested in exploring the reef prior to booking their stay, or to make sure that hotel really is “just around the corner from the beach”, VR can offer “a taste” of it all. There is absolutely no better or more realistic way to choose a holiday experience than to being able to ‘virtually’ be there and check it out.

VR & Tourism

Whilst virtual reality is yet to be “tested” on many other industries, Tourism has already proven itself as an ideal market for driving profit sales with 360 videos. Whether for viewing on mobiles, tablets, laptops or VR headsets, 360 videos are undoubtedly the most engaging form of video content since colour TV.


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