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What Are 360 Videos?

You may have seen 360 videos already throughout your Facebook feed since late 2016. These are not traditional ‘fixed frame’ videos but instead allow you to look around by swiping or tilting your screen. 360 videos are recordings of a real world locations, where the view in every direction is recorded at the same time, and shot using an omnidirectional or collection of cameras.




Which mobile app do I have to download to watch 360 videos?

Here are our top 360 video applications recommended for mobile phones:

  1. VR GoPro App – Android & Apple
  2. Fincloud – Android & Apple
  3. Moon VR – Android & Apple

The best part is that all of the applications on the list are free to download!

Which video player do I have to download to watch 360 videos on my computer?

Here are our top 360 video applications recommended for PCs / laptops:

  1. VLC
  2. KolorEyes
  3. GoPro

The best part is that all of the applications on the list are free to download and are compatible with Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

How do I add 360 videos to Facebook and YouTube?


To publish 360 videos on Facebook, click here to view Facebook’s support page for more information.


To publish 360 videos on YouTube, follow the instructions below.

Before hitting the publish button, keep these in mind:

  • Check whether the file you want to upload has 360-degree playback enabled. You need to watch the video locally on a computer to verify.
  • Do not make edits to the 360 video with the use of the YouTube Video Editor or any other Enhancement tools or apps.
  • Upload the same way as any fixed frame video.

And you’re done. Piece of cake!

How do I embed a 360 video on my website?

If using YouTube, you can copy paste the embed code which can be found below the YouTube video by pressing ‘Share’ and click on the ‘Embed’ button. The highlighted texted is the embed code you want to copy.

How Does 360 Videos Work?

Experiencing 360 degree videos is easy. For a PC or laptop, click play, then click and drag your mouse to navigate throughout the video.

Touch screen devices are similar as you can touch and swipe the screen. You can also alter the settings so the video direction adjusts to your body movement.

VR headsets are soon to be available on our shop page. By placing your smart phone in any virtual reality headset, you can immerse yourself in 360 degree videos. Now supported by Google, YouTube and Facebook.



What virtual reality headset is right for me?

According to an article, here are the eight VR headsets your eyes need to see.

1, HTC Vive — $1,200 AUD

2. Oculus Rift — $649 AUD

3. Sony PlayStation VR — $550 AUD

4. Samsung Gear VR — $159 AUD

5. LG 360 VR — $100 AUD

6. Google Cardboard — $20 AUD

7. Microsoft HoloLens — To Be Released

8. Magic Leap — Unknown

For more information about the VR headsets, read the article here.

I wear glasses - can I still use a headset?

To get the best experience with virtual reality, the Samsung Gear VR is the best headset design to wear with glasses on.

For more information about wearing glasses with VR headsets, read on here.

Why do I get dizzy when I watch videos in 360?

Why does virtual reality make some people sick? The thing is: virtual-reality sickness isn’t a new problem. VR sickness has its roots in the mismatch between the visual and vestibular systems.

For more information about the roots of VR sickness, click here.

For Prevention:

  • Use smooth, stabilized footage where possible.
  • Insert a nose into a vr experience to give viewers a reference point.
  • Viewers can also train themselves to last longer by mentally preparing before hand.