Education & Training

Fast track your educational services with 360 video content. Give your students the closest thing to real, hands-on experience, right from their living room!
360 video is proven to be a much more effective medium than other educational services. You can bring your audience into a three dimensional world of almost any topic and allow them to learn in a way never seen before.

Let’s talk!

Why It Works

Virtual reality provides the most realistic simulation of a work environment without the hassle of physically replicating dangerous or expensive processes. As it is video, the training can be crafted to perfection by curating well structured, engaging VR experiences.

How It Works

We will work with you to design extracurricular courses, train your employees, produce documentaries for virtual reality and much more. During our first meeting, we can define the scope and costs of your project. We will then proceed to plan and execute the project and ensure we deliver your desired outcome.

Our Team

We are just as excited as you are to revolutionise current training practices and design completely new programs for a variety of disciplines. Our team continuously discovers new specialised skills on a weekly basis and enjoy mastering the latest innovations in the VR industry. We endeavour to contribute to the age of information by producing ethical, educational content, which will make a positive mark on this world.


For more information on our education and training capabilities or to pitch your ideas, please contact us with your name, email and request. We look forward to hearing from you!