Corporate VR

Increase sales and future proof your business with virtual reality. Your clients, coworkers and superiors will love it.
We offer telepresence which enables global companies to connect easily for meetings and events. This service saves time and costly visits by allowing representatives to “virtually” attend meetings, offices and events from anywhere in the world. We can also live stream meetings and events with our state of the art 360 cameras so you can expand your audience and keep everyone informed.

Meet for a VR demo!

How It Works

When you have a secured date for a meeting or event, we will start preparing for live streaming, telepresence or 360 video production. Once we know your target audience,our team of highly skilled marketing gurus will provide a range of options for how to best achieve your desired result.

Why It Works

By adopting 360 video and telepresence, you will future proof your company, impress your superiors, and save on unnecessary business trips. It’s easy, it’s impressive, and it works.


This is the age of connectivity where information can be shared much more efficiently than ever before. We believe that by connecting people on a global scale, businesses can benefit immensely through proactive collaboration and sharing of ideas.


For more information on telepresence, live streaming, or to set a date for your 360 degree film production, please contact us with your name, email and request. We look forward to hearing from you!