Cinematic Films

At 360 Films, we produce immersive viewing experiences that mix dramatic storytelling with the feeling of teleportation.
Virtual reality is the next frontier of cinematic filmmaking thanks to the latest 360-degree camera capabilities and ambisonic audio techniques. Everyone remembers their first VR experience and with the current scarcity of cinematic 360 content, we are providing the opportunity for filmmakers to break through with this upcoming medium.

Meet for a Brainstorm!

How It Works

The 360 Films team can turn your vision into a reality. First, we will discuss your ideas, develop a well planned screenplay and cover legalities. We will then move to pre-production where locations are selected, the cast and crew are finalised and sets are designed. Production will take place within your designated timeline and we will begin post-production immediately after the shoot. 360 video requires some extra time in post-production as it involves more stages than regular video. We will keep you updated and In the loop during this process.

Why It Works

It really is the best thing since colour TV. 360 videos trigger empathy with characters due to the uncanny feeling of teleportation as viewers are truly immersed in the place and time the film was shot. This provides the audience with the opportunity to explore the video and follow visual and audio cues to navigate the story. It’s more of an experience rather than something you just watch. 360 video causes heightened awareness and an intensified storytelling experience.

Cinematic VR

This is an entirely new style of filmmaking which is revolutionising the film industry. However, with new possibilities come new limitations. Our team understands how to use peripheral vision to control the viewer’s gaze, avoid inducing motion sickness, and how to work without the traditional controlled environments used in regular film.


For more information on our cinematic film services, or to discuss a schedule for your 360 degree film production, please contact us with your name, email and request. We look forward to hearing from you!